All of my Corgis are purebred Pembroke Welsh Corgis and AKC registered.  Beside being wonderful family members and impressive athletes, parents are DNA tested for genetic diseases seen in Pembroke Welsh Corgis before breeding and are bred accordingly.

Puppies can generally leave for their new homes at ten weeks old.  They will be health-checked and evaluated by our wonderful vet before leaving.

Let me know if you're ready for a puppy or dog now.  I may be able to  refer you to a breeder that has puppies at this time or to a rescue organization.  I  most often do not know the breeders personally.  Please do your due diligence when considering any breeder/source for your new family member.  I'm happy to help : ).

I do not ship puppies.   
Copies of my Prospective Puppy Owner Questionnaire and Puppy Sales Agreement are located below.

Taffy's and Axl's puppies arrived September 7th, 2016!
First-time mom Taffy whelped EIGHT fabulous puppies!  Three red males, two redheaded tri color males, two redheaded tri color females, and a feisty little creampuff of a red girl that looks gray.
All of these puppies are spoken for at this time.  I'll post if there are any changes.

Past Litters

May 23, 2016
Stablemate's Ups-A-Daisy x Kelso Creek's Agent P

Daisy and Perry had four beautiful boys!  Three reds and one tricolor, all with beautiful markings.  These boys were BIG, and after consulting our vet, a C-section was planned.  All went well and the boys were healthy and perfect in every way.  Each one has been welcomed into fantastic homes with much love ahead!  This is Daisy's second and final litter.  She has been spayed using the ovary-sparing spay method, which will allow her continue receiving the important hormones she needs to age gracefully and in good health : ).

May 14, 2016
Stablemate's Layla of Meadowbrook x Kelso Creek's Agent P

Layla and Perry had EIGHT gorgeous puppies!  Layla was HUGE and so were the pups, so vet said best C-section.  Layla came through like a champ and was such a great momma to the pack of pups, four boys -  one sable, two reds and one tri, and four girls - two reds and two tris.  All the babies are being spoiled to perfection in their wonderful new homes!  This is Layla's third and final litter.  Due to issues with fighting between some of my girls, not at all solely Layla's fault, she is now living the life in Canada with my wonderful friend, and Corgi aficionado, Gail and her family.  She still makes trips down to So Cal to visit her vacation home in Palm Dessert : ).

April 12, 2015    
CH. Blacksmith's Benedict x Stablemate's Layla of Meadowbrook
Layla's and Benny's puppies are perfection!  Three red-headed tri color boys, one red boy, and a lovely red-headed tri color girl - So Cal and Stablemate's Shiloh, "Shiloh" who's staying with me!  The boys are in their homes with their happy families.  

June 17, 2011  
CH. Blacksmith's Benedict X Stablemate's Ups-A-Daisy 
Daisy and Benny had a GORGEOUS litter of six puppies!  Four boys and two girls.  Three tri-color boys,  a red boy, and two red girls.  One special little girl is staying here - - So Cal Sookie!


Copy and paste the questionnaire into an email and send it to me at corgisofsocal@gmail.com  If you could write "Puppy Questionnaire" and your name in the subject line, that will make it easier for me to find.  Please, only serious, wonderful homes apply.

Prospective Puppy Buyer Questionnaire 

As a breeder, my goal is to place each of my puppies in his or her “forever” home.   

The following questions are being asked of you so that the right placement of each puppy is made by bringing the various requirements of both the puppy and his or her new owner(s) into perspective BEFORE a choice is made. I hope you will agree that the puppy's welfare is my top priority in considering homes. Please answer the following questions as completely as you can, and return this form when you've finished.  

There are no “right” or “wrong” answers. Candor and honesty are very important—remember, I’m trusting you for the lifetime of this puppy. 

Please add any additional information that you'd like.  I love pictures : )!  


I do not ship my puppies.  If you live out of area, are you able to visit and meet us, and later personally pick your puppy up?

City, State, Zip:
Home Phone:   
Work Phone:   
Cell Phone:   
E-mail address:    

Are you interested in a puppy,  young dog, adult dog, senior?

When will you be ready for a puppy or dog?

Do you have a color preference?

Would you prefer a male or female?

Have you ever owned a dog?  Were you responsible for its well-being?

Have you ever raised and been responsible for a puppy?

Why do you want a dog? 

Is this puppy for yourself or for someone else?  If for someone else, are they aware of your intentions?  

Who will be living in the home with the puppy?  How do they feel about the addition of a Pembroke Welsh Corgi? 

Will children be living with you or visiting regularly?  If yes, please note their ages. 

How have these children interacted with pets, especially dogs, in the past? 
Are you prepared to supervise children with the puppy at all times? 

Is there a comfortable & secure place to separate puppy from children if necessary? 

Does anyone in the household suffer from allergies to animals, especially to dogs? 

Who in your family will be primarily responsible for: 
    -daily care of the dog 
     -clean up 
     -vet and food bills 

How would you describe your household activity level? 

How did you learn about Pembroke Welsh Corgis? 

Are you aware that the Pembroke Welsh Corgi is a working dog, specifically a herding dog?  Do you know the instincts, traits,  ad requirements of herding dogs? 

Have you researched the breed?  What major points, good and bad, have you learned? 

Have you considered other breeds? 

Why did you choose the Pembroke Welsh Corgi? 

Please tell me a little about the other pets that will be in the home, type, temperament, energy level, male/female, spayed/neutered, etc. 

What do you currently feed your pets? 

What will you do if your new puppy and current pet/s do not get along - at any point from first meeting to aggression or fighting that shows up later?   

Do you live in:
     -mobile home 
     -other (describe) 

What kind of floor surfaces do you have in your home? 

Is your home single or multi-storied?  Will puppy be required to climb stairs daily? 

In which type of area is your home located? 

Are there any dog restrictions or laws in your area? 

Are you aware of the ordinances in your area/community pertaining to owning/housing a dog? 
     -leash laws 
     -required vaccinations 
     -spay/neuter requirements 
     -dog licenses 
     -microchip requirements 
     -NOISE (barking) ordinance 
Are you willing and able to comply? 

Do you own your home or are you renting?   

NOTE:  If you rent or lease, a signed letter from your landlord stating that dogs are permitted on his/her property, along with acceptable breed/size info, must be received before a puppy will be placed with you. You must submit this info to me.  I'm sorry, but I don't have the time to search for & obtain this info.  I will contact the landlord through info you provide before placing any puppy.  If it's too time-consuming, I cannot do it.  

Please provide your landlord’s contact information: 

How much time will you have daily to devote to your new puppy when it comes home? 

How much time will you have to devote to a puppy/dog after his/her first month with you? 

Where will the puppy spend most of its time? 

Where will the puppy be when you are away? 

How long each day will the puppy be alone? 

Where will the puppy be when you are at home? 

Are you considering a doggy day care?  If so, do you know their age and vaccination requirements?  Please confirm this information prior to taking a puppy home. 

Where will the puppy sleep? 

Have you ever used a crate in house training a puppy or dog? 

Do you intend to use a crate for this puppy? 

What will you do with the puppy when you go on a vacation or trip? 

In the event of emergency (hospitalization, etc.), who would take care of your puppy? 

If you have to be away from home for a few days and are unable to take the puppy, what arrangements will you make to provide for its care?

Are you aware of the time involved in raising/training/caring for/socializing a puppy on a daily basis?  What are your expectations? 

When you travel with the puppy, where and how will he/she ride?  Please consider your & puppy's safety.  

How do you envision a puppy, and later, dog, fitting into your home and lifestyle (schedule, indoor/outdoor activities, exercise, etc.)? 

Are there smokers in the home? 

Do you have a fenced yard? If yes, size of yard, type and height of fencing.

Is there a safe outdoor area, with secure footing, without access to unknown dogs, for puppy to exercise freely, off leash? 

Please explain what arrangements you have considered to provide for FREQUENT potty breaks, housebreaking, and for safe and adequate exercise of a new, and not fully-vaccinated puppy.  

Is there a swimming pool, jacuzzi, pond, etc. that the puppy will have access to?  If so, how will puppy be protected from drowning? 

If you were to move, what would happen to your dog? 

If your puppy/dog is a barker, how will you handle it?  What if neighbors complain?  Are you prepared and able to move for your puppy/dog?  It is best to know & speak with your neighbors about bringing a new pet home.  

Have you considered the nutritional needs of your puppy? 

What do you plan on feeding your puppy? 

Are you planning to spay/neuter your dog?  At what age? 

Are you interested in breeding? 

Are you planning on/interested in participating in high intensity exercise or sports with your dog, or allowing your dog to assist in strenuous ranch activities? 

What are your goals for your puppy? 
     -Family pet  
     -Therapy Dog 
     -Assistance Dog 
     -Barn hunting 
     -Other (specify) 

What do you expect from your Corgi? 

Are you aware of health issues seen in Pembroke Welsh Corgis? 

In the event of an accident or illness, are you willing,  and financially able, to seek medical attention for your dog? 

Are you aware of the grooming requirements of Corgis? 

Are you prepared to spend the required time for grooming? 

In addition to the normal routine at home, what activities will your Corgi have? 
     -Walk routinely with a 
      family member 
     -Go to classes 
     -Compete in dog shows 
      or performance events 
     -Go to your place of 
      business with you 
     -Travel with you 
     -Be a playmate for your 
      children or pets 
     -Other (specify) 

Have you ever trained a dog or attended training classes? 

Are you aware of the importance of the SOCIALIZATION AND TRAINING requirements of a puppy? 

Are you willing and able to spend time SOCIALIZING AND TRAINING your puppy? 

What puppy socialization opportunities are available in your area?  

How do you intend to obedience train your Corgi? 
     -On your own 
     -With a trainer 

Have you ever experienced behavior problems with past or present pets?  If yes, how did you handle those problems? 

Are you willing, and able financially, to seek the assistance of a professional in the event of behavioral problems? 

Are you prepared for the responsibility of caring for this dog for it's entire life (13-18 years)? 

How did you learn about So Cal Corgis? 

Please add any additional information or thoughts that you feel would help me to understand you as a potential Corgi owner and the home you can offer a puppy/dog. 

What questions do you have for me? 

If you have a veterinarian, please provide contact information below  If not, it's a good idea to start looking for a great vet prior to taking a puppy home. 

Please supply two references (dog trainers, Corgi owners, friends, neighbors, etc.—not including immediate family) who know you well enough to recommend you as a good dog owner. 
Relationship to you: 

Relationship to you: 

Thank you so much for your interest in a Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppy from So Cal Corgis. I appreciate you taking the time to answer my questions : ).  

Suzi Duarte 
So Cal Corgis


So Cal Corgis 
Suzanne Duarte 
11749 Harding Court 
Chino, CA  91710 
(909) 455-4296 

On this date, _______________, I, Suzanne Duarte, received full payment for above puppy in the amount of $________ cash. 
Suzanne E Duarte 
AKC Registration: 
Your new puppy is a purebred Pembroke Welsh Corgi!  The litter has been registered with the American Kennel Club and individual puppy registration application is included in your new puppy packet.  Puppy registration is the responsibility of the buyer, but I’m happy to help with the process and would appreciate if you would register your puppy.  I would be very proud if you would register your puppy with the prefix “So Cal's”.  Example:  “So Cal's Best Puppy Ever”.  The process is quick and easy online at AKC.org, or you can mail the application and payment in to AKC. 
I certify that this puppy is, to the best of my knowledge, healthy at the time of sale.  General health information will be provided, which includes information on diet, shots, worming and care.  I am always available to answer any questions you may have. 
Your puppy has been seen and found healthy by my home veterinarian, Dr. Lebovic.  You are welcome to call with any questions regarding this exam.  His phone number is 909-464-4563.  Your puppy is up to date on vaccinations and deworming at time of pick up and a health record is included in your puppy packet.  Next shots won’t be due for 3-4 weeks, but you may want to take puppy to your own veterinarian sooner to get established and discuss microchipping.  I have done everything I can to help your puppy’s parents produce healthy puppies, starting long before breeding, through the day he goes to his wonderful new home.  Both parents have been DNA tested for degenerative myelopathy (DM) and hips have been x-rayed and certified by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA).  Copies of their results are in your puppy packet.  If your puppy is diagnosed with a genetic disorder or unacceptable health issue, causing us to agree that he cannot lead a healthy life, I will offer a replacement puppy if available, or refund.  I cannot be held responsible for the development of non-genetically derived faults, diseases, or disorders, which are due to negligence and/or abuse.  Proper nutrition, exercise and hormones are vitally important to the development of your puppy during the first two years of his life. 
Studies show that spaying or neutering your puppy before two years of age can contribute to joint and other growth issues, including hip dysplasia.  The hormones that are stopped by altering your puppy are important in a puppy's development, therefore, I cannot guarantee against hip dysplasia or other developmental diseases if puppy is altered before two years of age. 
Puppies should be able to play to their hearts’ content, but a general rule for taking puppies on walks/exercising is 5 minutes per month of age.  Also, your puppy is going to jump!  Just be careful with jumping on and off of furniture, steps, stairs and other fun puppy obstacles.  Puppies can be hurt when jumping down from a couch or bed, and excessive/repetitive jumping and stair climbing during his development can contribute to future joint issues. 
Feeding your puppy a high-quality diet will show in his health and happiness now and long into the future.  He has been eating Orijen Puppy Formula dry food along with fresh, wholesome foods that I add to the bowl, like broccoli, kale, liver, goat milk kefir and yogurt.  I recommend a grain-free diet and am happy to offer my advice on nutrition.  
 I strongly recommend attending obedience classes with your puppy and providing proper socialization opportunities with people as well as other pets.   You will both have a great time, too! 
I carefully choose the families these precious babies go home with and I am so happy and excited that you have chosen to love and welcome a So Cal Corgi into your family!  I expect that he’ll have a long and wonderful life with you, and that makes me very happy, as I have loved him and he has been such a joy!  I will always be here for you and him, and I believe you will always do your best for him.  If for any reason you are unable to keep him, please contact me and I will do what I can to either help him stay with you, or welcome him back.  Please contact me before you re-home him, if you find that necessary. 
The undersigned buyer hereby acknowledges having read the terms of the contract and does hereby agree to abide by each of the provisions set forth above. 
Buyer’s Name:________________________________________________ 
Phone Number:______________________________________________ 
Signature:______________________________ Date:_________________ 
Breeder’s Name:_____________________________________________ 
Breeder’s Signature:_________________________________________