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Updated November 9, 2016

Sorry, no puppies available at this time.

​I created this site primarily to connect So Cal Corgi PEOPLE.  We're kind of a passionate (obsessed!) bunch.  I meet the greatest people through Corgis  I love getting out and about with my dogs.  Chino is a bit inland from many of the big Corgi get-togethers, but there are such great opportunities in the area to be active with your dog!  Herding, agility, barn hunting and dock diving are just a few.  There are also several big AKC sanctioned dog shows nearby featuring conformation, rally, and obedience events.  I'd love to share your attempts and accomplishments!

I have a limited number of exceptional puppies available each year.  Parents are DNA tested for genetic diseases seen in Pembroke Welsh Corgis, and bred accordingly to avoid at-risk puppies.  Bloodlines are tried and true.  All test results are readily available.  My focus is on happy, healthy, athletic family dogs that are great ambassadors to the Pembroke Welsh Corgi breed.  We live on a little ranch where the dogs enjoy herding the cats, ponies & chickens, as well as attending performance training and events, showing in conformation, and hiking and hanging out with the family.  Nutrition, physical activity and time spent with my dogs are really important to me and I spend a lot of time researching all aspects.

We love visitors!  If you'd like to come by and meet us, and maybe learn a little more about Corgis, please contact me.

Check out So Cal Corgis on Facebook.  I post LOTS of photos, videos and cool info daily.

Questions?  Just ask!  I love talking Corgi!

-Suzi Duarte

Taffy and Axl puppies are here! 

Eight little Cuties!  Five boys- three reds (one or two are possibly sable)and two redheaded tricolor, three girls- two redheaded tricolor and one very interesting, possibly fawn sable.  Taffy did great and is a wonderful momma.  Puppy number two was HUGE and needed extraction by the vet.  We were afraid we lost him, but after a lot of tugging, the vet delivered him ALIVE!  We were all set to c-section the rest, but Taffy ended up whelping them all without surgery.  Best possible outcome!  Plus, we were expecting 6-7 pups, and she had EIGHT!

Three red boysTwo redheaded tricolor boysTwo redheaded tricolor girlsLittle bitty girl


Layla's puppies will be ten weeks old tomorrow, Saturday July 23rd, and able to leave for their new homes!  Daisy's will be ten weeks old Monday, August 1st, and able to leave for new homes on the weekend of the July 30th.  The time has flown!  It's been a great labor of love with these twelve wonderful pups.  I'm so proud of Perry, Layla and Daisy for giving us these beautiful, healthy puppies.  I'm sorry I've neglected putting pictures up earlier, but a huge amount of time goes into caring for the puppies, along with my family, ponies & kitties.  


Daisy and Perry 

Fingers crossed!  We'll be ultra sounding Layla and Daisy at the end of April to confirm pregnancies : ).  If things go well, we'll have two litters, about a week apart, the end of May, with pups available the end of July, at ten weeks old.  Both litters can have reds and redheaded tri color puppies.  I have a full wait list and am not adding to it at this time, but contact me in late June if you're still looking for a puppy to see if I have any available.  

Breaking News! 

Suspect Sought!  We have a cat box burglar!  Shiloh is working hard scouring the box for clues in the case...

Extreme Heat in Chino!  Taffy finds sweet shady spot.


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On Sale!  Click on picture to go to our store.  We have some great new custom So Cal Corgis tees!

On Sale! Click on picture to go to our store. We have some great new custom So Cal Corgis tees!

On Sale!  Click on image to see in store

On Sale! Click on image to see in store

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